Tom Ford’s Tom Ford Lightweight Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil is Everything. Here’s why. 

This is for people who understand detailing. I tried it during the day after I got it and felt disappointed when nothing showed up. I forget all about it and by evening when I wanted to take my make up off, a million tiny twinkling lights stared back at me. Huhhhh!! I was completely blown away. This is sensual, sultry, elegant, night time, dinner for two. It’s for people up close to notice. It doesn’t announce itself, but once you see it, you can’t get past it and I’m totally in awe by how delicate it presents itself. 

It’s scent is barely there, so again it’s for up close. If you’re hoping for full on perfume, look away. For me it’s the right scent volume for a body oil. So if you’re into elegance, subtlety, detailing, style, sophistication and best of all luxury... look no further.  

Notice it’s slight sunkissed hue and tiny sparkles on my hand. 


Dawn x 

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