A Guide to Stretching Your Pound a Little Further.

1. Switch to Perfume Creams. Every one loves perfumes, but we’re all stuck on the prices of our favourite brands. Fragrance prices are going up daily and sometimes we can only look at a new favourite longingly. Try the body cream of your favourite scent! While it lasts much longer, it’s way cheaper and you get full coverage as it’s over your entire body.

2. Read the Reviews. If you’re shopping blind online, always read the reviews. Many bloggers hunt for best deals, value for money, a product that does what it says and one that lasts. Most of them come back and leave reviews. A good product never hides online. If you see something you like online and they’re no reviews, wait till you go to the shops. There are many beautiful packages, but many times you may be disappointed with the content.

3. If you can remember, buy 10% or 20% gift cards and use during sales! You automatically get double off the item you purchase. Remember to leave the card where you can see it over the months so you don’t forget when sales roll by.

4. There are many clearance online shopping outlets. Think of the holidays when you have lots of visitors for shopping at clearance outlets. Most have ranges from grocery, jewellery, pet supplies, lifestyle, clothing to free delivery items. Their prices are amazing most times.

5. Google it! Make a shopping list then google the items.

As soon as you type in a product on your computer, google will throw up all the places you can buy it and their price ranges. This shows you who sells what product cheaper, it becomes easy to compare.

6. There are many hidden online stores that are really cheap. You have and my personal favourite for household items is They have really pretty things that won’t blow up your account. I got some winter throws there about six years ago and till now I have no complaints at all.

7. Sign up for rewards and insider programmes wherever you shop. Sometimes sales come up for members only and again sometimes only online.

8. As often as you can, skip singles and go for palettes. Lip palettes are great especially when travelling. In the long run it’s cheaper, because it’ll give you more variety you can easily reach for in one place. Palettes are not bulky and guaranteed, as you’re not home to go through your makeup stash, you’ll use the palette to death!

9. Go straight to the sales section. For restocking things like lipglosses

and mascaras, I head to the sales section. The first thing I look for when I shop my beauty brands is the sales section. You will be amazed at what you discover on there.

10. Samples are gem! Never turn down a sample. You can get to know a product this way without having to buy them. Most samples have a life span of one week if you use them daily, but this is more than enough time to decide if you like them or not.


Dawn. x

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