DECEMBER 20, 2017.

Agency: Storm Models

Ethnicity: British


Hobbies: Travelling, meeting new people.

From Devon to being featured in adverts for major brands across the continent, I caught up with the beautiful Ruby Livingstone and asked for an interview.

Whats your name and how old are you?

Ruby Kate Livingstone. I’m 17years old.

Tell us a little bit about you.

I've grown up in the country by the coast in Devon my whole life.

When did you start modelling?

I've been modelling since I was 14.

Whats the most challenging thing about modelling for you?

I find it very challenging to produce dynamic images that show the range of my style and personality. It's difficult to get stuck in certain poses at a shoot and end up with the same results each time.

Whats the most beautiful thing about modelling?

Being able to help other creatives express themselves whether it's through photography, or makeup, or styling and being able to meet so many people and have fun.

What shoot have you enjoyed the most?

My favourite shoot has been an all day shoot with the amazing Anna Hendry and team. It was the longest and most tiring, but was so much fun! All the clothes were vintage and designer and I got to wear these amazing McQueen Pirate collection heeled boots.

What section are you in with Storm Models?

I'm with the lovely New Faces team, Becca, Chris and Billy


Wishing Ruby a lovely Christmas and best of luck for the future. Dawn. x

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