My 2016's Best Makeup Picks .

1. MAC Extra Dimension Highlighters.

By far this strobe was the one I looked forward to the most in 2016. MAC outdid themselves with their Extra Dimension Skin Finish . The glow was amazing lasting up to 7 hours with a rainbow sort of reflection. Now in four shades, the Show Gold was the most popular of them all. It builds lightly and leaves you glowing day or night no matter the lighting.

2. Illamasqua OMG Beyond Powder Strobe.

I got this earlyish 2016 and put it aside for a couple of months. I wasn't really fussed for some reason as I've not really been drawn to Illamasqua, but when I got round to using it, I was blown away. OMG literally, this is beyond a highlighter its a movement. A baked highlighting powder, its gliding and holding power is second to none. I can't talk about its sheen effect enough, its so smooth to apply. Just one stroke will give you the desired effect, doesn't look caked even if you build to high heavens. It is the most pigmented and most glamorous highlighter I've ever used. You can also apply wet or dry. This comes in two shades EPIC and OMG. Completely worth £32.00.


Tom Ford's Orchid Soleil fragrance which is a lively version of his Black Orchid fragrance was launched in July 2016.

One of my best fragrances for 2016, is composition opens with spicy notes of cypress. Its patchouli is very toned down for people like me who don't like it heavy.

Orchid Soleil is radiant, sensual, deep, warm and very rich. Soft enough to wear during the day and absolutely brilliant at night. A lot of people can't manage the scent at first try, but most say they go back later to purchase. I've not tired of this fragrance since I got it and thats saying a lot. I keep lifting the bottle to the light to see how far down its gone. A fragrance for all seasons this one. Will set you back £56.00 for 30ml, but it lasts forever.

4. Shimmer Dust Burberry.

As soon as saw this I crossed my fingers praying they still had it as I navigated to the Burberry website. Luck was on my side. Launched in August the glitter in this little pot is so pretty it makes you feel warm. Created by Wendy Rowe and Burberry Beauty for the fall/winter 2016 show, the glitter pieces are not speckles as usual glitter comes, they are bold, but not in overbearing way. The downside of this is that it doesn't stick on powdered skin, its for fresh, moisturised skin and I know most of my sisters wouldn't be caught dead without a powdered face. Nevertheless. Its worth a buy for all my glamour queens.

5. NARS Taj Mahal Blush.

This blush is the ultimate authority in blushers. So nice I bought it twice for fear that one might disappear and God forbid I'm left with just one. There're two blushers I hold in very high esteem and Taj Mahal can compete for number one spot easy. I'm truly unable to describe this blush. I bought it on a whim and it totally unlike what it looks like when you wear it. It has a wild fire hue, something very wild about it. (100% you've got the wrong idea). The pigmentation is crazy. Deeper complexion ladies just say amen, because if this isn't an answer to all kinds of makeup prayers, I don't know what is. Taj Mahal doesn't fade, no need to keep applying. Again I'll say do not go by the look. You might be put off. Let me make this easy, Taj Mahal has been named the best blush in the world for women of colour. Nuffffff said.

I hope you've enjoyed my beauty review. I'll be back with all time favourites of mine.

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