12 Easy Ways To Save On Your Makeup.

1. Wait for sales. Most shops have sales the year through. You might be able to get your favourite lipstick for much less if you do.

2. Try samples and wait for an entire day to see how they might sit on you. Many times after the day is done, you may not like the way the product looks as skin tones change or you're just not interested in the purchase any more.

3. Most makeup companies have refillable containers now. Get organised and keep your containers so when you go shopping you can refill. It comes to only about half price to refill than a full purchase.

4. Leaving your makeup in a cool dry place extends its shelf-life. Many makeup artists actually have a small fridge where they store their makeup.

5. Trim your own hair. Just make sure your scissors is sharp.

6. Learn your shades and what looks good on you and stick with that programme.

7. Your highlighters can be used for eyeshadows. They are much bigger and last longer.

8. Invest in good brands. They may seem expensive at the start, but they're much cheaper in the long run. I've been using Frivole blush by Chanel since it launched in spring 2013 (I probably should change it) and I've not replaced it and even though it's fallen down a few times, the colour block hasn't broken yet.

9. Keep your make up well organised that way you know what you have as it's easy to duplicate, especially lipsticks.

10. If your mascara is becoming clumpy, pour a tiny bit of baby oil on the wand, close then put in a cup of hot water for a couple of hours.

11. Pour sample fragrances into your favourite lotion. It beats having to spend money buying scented creams any day.

12. Check prices of your favourite brands online, make a list and stick with it when you hit the shops.

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