Four Perfect Fragrances For Summer.

Summer is here once again. It's time for adventure and for loads of fun. We wait all year for summer to come round, but many times it still catches us by surprise. Your fragrances shouldn't be forgotten and here are some perfect fragrances for summer.

1. Gucci Bamboo.

Bamboo is for the confident woman who knows what she wants and where she's going.

It is spicy as well as soft at heart. Launched in 2015, it has a strong lemony scent with floral notes. In love with this.

2. Lancôme Poeme.

Poeme was launched in 1995 and still remains a favourite of mine. It's in a class of its own and doesn't really follow any rules in the perfume world. When you spray Poeme, you fall into a floral fantasy. The scent never ends... It goes on for days. Ten out of ten for me on this one.

3. Tom Ford Orchid Soleil.

Orchid Soleil launched in July 2016 and became an instant hit.

Fast, racy and magical with a seductive twist Tom Ford did not disappoint. This perfume rises to the occasion and can be worn during the day and at night time. It keeps you guessing each time you take a sniff. A very good choice for a woman of character and class.

4. Narciso Rodriguez Narciso.

A very, very pleasant surprise. This embodies a playful, sexy yet mature scent. The minute I sprayed it, I was captured, so much so that I got the bath gel and body cream. Launched in 2014 it is quiet, playful, subtle and woody, this is a unique fragrance that can be worn all year through.

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