Being a woman is a definition. Being a feminine woman is a lifestyle that deserves intricate effort and beauty. The body, the first definition of a woman, is the most striking form of expression.

For years, I have journeyed and educated women on finding their identity and beauty through the right signature of balance and expression. Women from many echelons and vocations; CEOs, international models, global trendsetters and celebrities alike. The thrill and amazing transformation of woman to feminine-woman is my gift to you on this platform.

Part of educating ourselves is learning and listening to others. Through my journeys, I have learned so much that I would love to share with you!

In my mantra, I have come to believe that the femininity of a woman is strengthened and effused through our basic senses – Sight, Touch, Feel, Smell and Hearing.


These are the core direction of my advices:


Understanding where, when and how to apply makeup, hairstyle and fashion.

Touch & Feel:

Types of skincare – face, hair and body. Dry to oily skin, problematic skin, genetically challenged skin, etc.


Best fragrances, types of perfumes for occasions, dramatic entrance and presence through smell, perfumes that complete features and personalities, etc.


The art of giving and getting feedback on your other sense – compliments, acknowledgement and confidence to be more of that feminine woman you are born to be.

Let us transform you together, to your best potential that positions you in the moment that glorifies your attributes. Let us place you where you are acknowledged and appreciated by everyone you engage.

Let us make you the feminine-woman, here, today and beyond.

I am Dawn, your new best consultant.

Dawn Marjani

The Feminine-Woman