Tom Ford’s Tom Ford Lightweight Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil is Everything. Here’s why. This is for people who understand detailing. I tried it during the day after I got it and felt disappointed when nothing showed up. I forget all about it and by evening when I wanted to take my make up off, a million tiny twinkling lights stared back at me. Huhhhh!! I was completely blown away. This is sensual, sultry, elegant, night time, dinner for two. It’s for people up close to notice. It doesn’t announce itself, but once you see it, you can’t get past it and I’m totally in awe by how delicate it presents itself. It’s scent is barely there, so again it’s for up close. If you’re hoping for full on


Discover easy ways to get great skin and a flawless complexion. 1. Let’s start at the very beginning. Pores get clogged and close up because we keep feeding ourselves junk. As the skin struggles and fights to get much needed nutrients, it pushes up causing spots which could be whiteheads, Blackheads or pimples. 99% of the time the easy way to get rid of these irritating zits is simply to make changes in your diet. Cut out fizzy drinks, substitute with fresh juices, sugars, chocolates, cakes etc. Include lots of vegetables, you can even juice them and watch your skin start to glow. 2. Water is your friend. An adult is meant to drink a gallon of water a day! It seems an impossible feat, but it

GUERLAINMétéorites Heart Shape Powder Blush.

Product of the Month. Guerlain takes centre state with this little strobing blush palette. Made up of three different colours to blend, two blushers and a highlighter. The shades come off significantly darker than it appears in the photo. It seems barely there even when you’re looking at it to purchase, but it’s quite visible on your skin. It’s a beautiful spring addition to your collection with a strobing map on the mirror to guide you when applying it. Lightly perfumed as with most of Guerlain’s products and it’s super easy to carry around.


A Guide to Stretching Your Pound a Little Further. 1. Switch to Perfume Creams. Every one loves perfumes, but we’re all stuck on the prices of our favourite brands. Fragrance prices are going up daily and sometimes we can only look at a new favourite longingly. Try the body cream of your favourite scent! While it lasts much longer, it’s way cheaper and you get full coverage as it’s over your entire body. 2. Read the Reviews. If you’re shopping blind online, always read the reviews. Many bloggers hunt for best deals, value for money, a product that does what it says and one that lasts. Most of them come back and leave reviews. A good product never hides online. If you see something you like o

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