12 Easy Ways To Save On Your Makeup.

1. Wait for sales. Most shops have sales the year through. You might be able to get your favourite lipstick for much less if you do. 2. Try samples and wait for an entire day to see how they might sit on you. Many times after the day is done, you may not like the way the product looks as skin tones change or you're just not interested in the purchase any more. 3. Most makeup companies have refillable containers now. Get organised and keep your containers so when you go shopping you can refill. It comes to only about half price to refill than a full purchase. 4. Leaving your makeup in a cool dry place extends its shelf-life. Many makeup artists actually have a small fridge where they store th

4 New Amazing Beauty Products You Seriously Have to Own This Summer.

1. LOUBOUTIN LIP COLOUR LIPSTICKS. My eyes popped open when I saw these for the first time last year. Louboutin has taken lipstick to another level, not because of its beautiful packaging, but the lipstick itself is made with an amazing formula as according to Louboutin these lip colours are made in the USA, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, DEA-free and Phthalate-free. Lip colour builds beautifully and stays on for up to three hours without fading. Launched with his fall collection in 2015, they come in three different textures- Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile. The 38 colours come in the shaded of his most iconic shoes and bags. They truly make you feel special. 2. BECCA CHAMPAGNE

Summer Style.

Im loving all the summer styles that are out in full force, but my daughter captures the essence of summer like no other. Glasses are Jimmy Choo and shorts she made herself.

Four Perfect Fragrances For Summer.

Summer is here once again. It's time for adventure and for loads of fun. We wait all year for summer to come round, but many times it still catches us by surprise. Your fragrances shouldn't be forgotten and here are some perfect fragrances for summer. 1. Gucci Bamboo. Bamboo is for the confident woman who knows what she wants and where she's going. It is spicy as well as soft at heart. Launched in 2015, it has a strong lemony scent with floral notes. In love with this. 2. Lancôme Poeme. Poeme was launched in 1995 and still remains a favourite of mine. It's in a class of its own and doesn't really follow any rules in the perfume world. When you spray Poeme, you fall into a floral fantasy. The

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